What has been done since the last blog entry? The current version now is 0.0.23. There have been some fixes, but also some nice features.

The task with the greatest effort was: Improve data preparation. The change is not really visible to the user. It should be more powerful to display a new board. There should be no flickering when syncing data in the background or flickering when updating view settings.

There aren't any big features that change the working process for the user. A helper who makes the work a little smoother.

Video on YouTube: ToDoVoDo - Improvements

Order and edit views

It is now possible to order, edit and delete views.



Use the edit mode (icon in the upper right corner) to edit.:


Edit tags across all views

If no task uses a specific tag anymore, it is now possible to delete that tag (it will be removed from browser memory). This deleted tag is therefore not displayed in the view settings. This is also helpful if you changed a tag in Microsoft To Do because it had a typo init. For To Do Vo Do this would be a new tag.

It is now also possible to define a name for a tag globally for all views. So it is possible to specify the name, for example my next tasks for tag #next. This tag then has this name in all views, and you can overwrite this name in the view settings for a specific view. The name is a property of a tag. The tag itself is not changed, it is still #next.


Settings: Manage data

Where can you find this page Tags? In a new section in settings page: Manage Data.
There is also a link to the page Views.


Dark mode improvements

The transparent background of some parts, like the tags section, was too light. It looks better now.


I find it interesting that I have to set the alpha channel to 0.05 instead of 0.5 in dark mode.

in light mode: 
  background: rgba(white, 0.5);
in dark mode: 
  background: rgba(white, 0.05);

Improvements: data preparation

That part was very difficult. I've changed a lot under the hood.

Removed flickering when syncing data

The disadvantage of automatic synchronization every 30 seconds (it is only triggered when it is necessary because you have changed something) is that the view was created from scratch. And that had the side effect that there was a flicker.
This effect could also be seen when a new view was selected, but there was no problem. This effect was necessary to remove old tasks. So I called first, cleared all the tasks in the cache, and then pulled up current tasks.
I found a solution to update the data without going into this clear task first. I hope it works.

Starting now with no selected tags on new views

Another problem I fixed was that when starting a new view, all the lists for that view were selected. As a result, many tasks and tags could be seen when starting, but the disadvantage was that it was slow. It was a nice effect, but if you're really working with To Do Vo Do, this is an unnecessary pause.

It is now set not to select lists and tags when a new view is created. That seems clearer to me.
This has a side effect, however, as there are too few tags in the view settings to choose from. If you miss some tags, you have to first select the lists in the view settings and then close the dialog. Now the tasks of these lists will be loaded and tags within these tasks will be used in the view settings that will now be present when you open the view settings again.

I am not sure: It could be changed again if someone is confused about it.

Library updates

As always, the update also includes the update of the JavaScript libraries used.

A lot of files in the OneDrive trash

To avoid conflicts when syncing with OneDrive, To Do Vo Do first saved a lock file and removed it when the sync was done. However, these lock files (files with name lock-a_number.json) are not permanently removed, but rather moved to the trash. And so I got an email that there are so many files in the OneDrive trash that will now be removed after 30 days. I haven't found a solution to permanently remove the lock files so I decided to remove the locking mechanism in the meantime. I hope this does not cause confusion.

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