To Do Vo Do is a web application to manage tags in Microsoft To Do.
This video collection is to start with To Do Vo Do.

Feedback to To Do Vo Do is welcome.
Note: videos are in german (english sub titles are in progress)

1. Tagging in Microsoft To Do

  • Lists
  • Smart lists, like My Day
  • Custom lists
    • for each project
    • grouped in Projects
  • Tagging
    • with hashtags in title
    • supported different on web, mobile or desktop app
    • search for your tags by clicking on a tag

2. To Do Vo Do: Introduction

  • In To Do Vo Do tasks are grouped by tags
  • Drag and Drop tasks to another tag

3. To Do Vo Do: Views

  • Create a new view
  • View settings:
    • only some lists (= projects)
    • only some tags
    • special tags:
      • no-tag: tasks with no tag
      • other: all other tasks, which are not listed in an other tag column
    • view templates:
      ○ simple kanban board

4. To Do Vo Do: Data and Settings

  • Settings
    • view order in menu
    • dark mode and task color template
  • Data
    • tags are stored in the title of the task in Microsoft To Do
    • all other data:
      • like sort order, renaming, view settings, ...
      • are currently stored locally in the browser
      • settings: reset local data store

5. To Do Vo Do: My Workflow

  • Some views for each project:
    • Duration, Energy, Milestones, Kanban board
  • In Microsoft To Do:
    • Each day: My Day smart list:
      • find tasks in For today
      • search with hashtags
    • Each week: Review all tasks
      • main focus on current project:
        • split, concretize, rename, delete tasks
  • In To Do Vo Do
    • Categorize new tasks
    • Each week: Kanban board of current projects
      • order tasks
      • move tasks to #next if you know what to do
      • move current tasks to #in-progress
    • note: rename tags or crete new tags
      find your own workflow

Call to action

Feedback to the program To Do Vo Do is welcome.

  • new features
  • bugs
  • is it useful
  • ...
    Please use comments in YouTube videos.